Finding myself one step at a time.

Making a Plan

Slowly, slowly, I am making my way towards change. Life has been crazy these last few weeks. It is amazing how just a few tweaks in your schedule throw everything off. The husband has been in and out, with plenty of field time here lately. Usually, he handles getting the kids off to school (as long as I fix Z’s hair first!) and often even homework. What this translates to, is my time is out of sync. Everything the husband normally handles becomes mine, on top of the things I always do as well.


After too much time wishing I had more time, I have decided to just make a plan. Surely, if I know what my schedule needs to hold, I can fit it all in, right? (This is where you blindly agree and assure me nothing can possibly go wrong, ok?) I decided last night that I just need to get through one week. One week. Too easy. 🙂

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is this week’s plan.

Monday: Yoga (Thank you Clean Eating Chelsea for this compilation of free yoga sites!)

Tuesday: Week One, Day One C25K

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: Week One, Day Two C25K

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Week One, Day Three

Sunday: REST

So, first things first, why yoga? The easy answer is I love it. Yoga is an activity that anyone at any level can participate in. Every move has a modification, and you tune each move to your body. It is also very restful, and that quiet time in your mind is something I can use. My brain doesn’t seem to ever slow down, and I find that I can decompress when doing yoga.

I did about 20 minutes this morning, using this link. It felt really good to actually get up and do some poses and stretches this morning. It also felt good to get out of bed and do this, first steps to success, right? The video I followed was super easy and not strenuous at all. I will admit I was a bit scared. I haven’t taken an actual class since May, and I know my muscles have been very tight lately.  I am going to continue following the beginner routines, and maybe do some Sun Salutations later this week.

I am less excited about starting the Couch to 5K (C25K) tomorrow. I will tell you more about it soon.  I just have to choose between sucking it up and doing this outside, or braving the gym and hitting the treadmill. I am sure my true feelings about treadmills will come out sooner or later…


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

i am…

I am 35 years old.

I am out of shape.

I am overweight.

I am uncomfortable in my skin and unhappy with my appearance.

I am not a good example to my kids.

All the above are facts, negative ones, but facts just the same. Okay, being 35 isn’t a negative, but it’s still a fact, and I imagine it adds to the challenge of changing the rest of the facts into positives. I can also add to the above list:

I am lazy.

I am always in a time crunch.

My planning & time management skills stink (see above fact).

Okay, let’s do some correlation here: If I wasn’t so lazy, I wouldn’t be overweight or in as poor physical shape. If I planned better, I probably wouldn’t be as overwhelmed from being in a time crunch. If I wasn’t so overwhelmed, I probably wouldn’t be so lazy, or even if I still felt like being lazy, I would have some exercise planned in there. If I made (and followed) my plan for getting in better shape, I wouldn’t feel so apathetic about my appearance. If I felt more confident in myself, I would be setting the right example for my children.

Basically, the only fact I listed above which I have no control over is being 35. And, honestly, I don’t mind being 35.

I am beginning this journey, just a few weeks after my birthday, at the end of the month and right before the holiday season sets in. Perhaps crazy timing, but we all need to start somewhere, right? I hope that when I turn 36, I will have changed my life and saved my health. I want to be proud of the woman I see in the mirror, and know I am giving my kids a direction to follow.